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Asset Protection Secured, LLC is laser focused on helping you protect  your assets with legal tools that were specifically and intentionally crafted through legislation to help you be free from the fear of courts, attorneys, governmental agencies, judgements, bankruptcy court, or anyone that may want to take your assets.  It is really that simple.  

Denny is general legal counsel for Asset Protection Secure, LLC.  He has been an attorney for more than 30 years helping individuals and families through difficult life situations and aiding them in protecting themselves against all sorts of exposures, perils and dangers. From his years of experience he has gained a deep understanding of people and what they go through trying to make a living, building their financial future and wealth and then learning that they need to protect it with the same gusto that they earned it with.  Everyone hopes that there won’t be any lawsuits; blood sucking, money-hungry attorneys; unexpected negative events; creditors; spouse issues; nuisance, class-action and extortion claims; employee claims; and economic downturns/collapses that can literally devour the assets they have generated through their hard work and sacrifice. 

Working with trustees in Countries with strong laws that actually protection your assets from all of the American wolves, Asset Protection Secured, LLC uses safe, legal and proven strategies and methods to create asset protection plans that protect your assets from the many risks and threats that can appear from nowhere use to try and attack and take your assets. The very fact that you have the right kind of real asset protection plan in place is a deep and powerful deterrent to would-be attackers from even trying.  

If you have over $500,000 in assets, or specific reasons for which you need protection, whatever the situation may be, Asset Protection Secured, LLC and its team are ready to do what you need to protect your assets.


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