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I Need Asset Protection

First, What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection includes an arsenal of very particular legal tools used to guard you and your property from creditor claims, lawsuits, judgements, a spouse/divorce and any attempt by anyone to take your assets. These protections include holding assets in various legal entities and in various jurisdictions designed to keep anyone from appropriating your property. Those legal tools include trusts and limited liability companies. It means taking advantage of laws written to protect your assets from everyone. This is done with domestic homestead statutes, and legislation from the USA and abroad, including the strongest asset protection tool in the world - the Cook Island Trust.


I have found that most people start thinking about protecting their assets when they are experiencing pain in one or more ways and realize they need to do more to protect themselves from the risks staring them in the face.  Sometimes people take a proactive approach, planning for the possibility of future events.  However, sad experience has taught me that many wealthy people get too busy and just keep putting off critical financial planning because they are simply too busy slaying other dragons and fixing problems all day, every day.  There are a number of reasons why you need to treat your own financial protection with more thought and more haste than you do solving everyone else’s problems.  You work terribly hard for your money, but spend little time to protect all the work that went into making the money, leaving it vulnerable to risk.   The following are some reasons to act now and get your asset protection house in order:

To maximize the effectiveness of protecting your assets it is best to take action and get protection in place before a specific need or circumstance arises.  You need to get your asset protection secured before the need is messing with your head and causing you sleepless nights and stress.  Asset protection plans are much easier and more effective when you have the forethought to get everything in place before a storm hits.

Maybe Your Story Is Similar To Mine?

I have been an attorney for over 30 years. I was living the American dream: a fantastic wife, accomplished kids, great business, assets we wanted – and we didn’t have any money problems.

I was on my way to retire by 50 as a multi-millionaire.  But life has a way to humble you and kick you when you least expect it.  From my own personal experience I know what it is like when you suddenly, or finally, vividly realize you need serious asset protection as you feel the world relentlessly caving in on you.  People clearly understand their need for asset protection when the storm is raging around them.  Some people have the foresight and get their asset protection plan in place before the crisis hits.  I had never even heard of asset protection before I suddenly needed it.  My sudden, upside down circumstance obviously caused great uneasiness, deep reflection and those ugly feelings of despair and anguish.

The picture to right is a good illustration of how I felt when my business and all my assets were at serious risk when I experienced an economic collapse, got hit with lawsuits from hungry and vicious attorneys swirling around me and my assets; the proverbial sharks were ready for a feeding frenzy. I needed some serious help, fast.  I did not know what to do.  The stress was intense, the not knowing was numbing and the feeling of helplessness was staggering.  Somehow, I struggled through the stifling gauntlet of impotence and started feeling my way through it. I had to figure it out.  Even though I was an attorney, (because attorneys only know a small part of the law well) I had no idea what to do, but I at least knew some attorneys to get me going in the right direction.  It was a very long and painful journey to learn what to do.  It took way too much time and money and that really hurt my asset base.  You do not have to go through what I went through.  We have the answers that can save you from the powerlessness I went through.

If you have had any of those feelings or thoughts, there are methods and techniques to help you.  If you are planning ahead, you are already on the right track to get your asset protection in place now.

So, let’s take you on a step-by-step jouirney through the asset protection process:

  • What it is.
  • How does it work. 
  • How you can legally and safely protect your assets.

What Assets Can Be Protected?

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